TLR.eSports Return with the Pickup of ProjectX

Wed 15th Feb 2017 - 5:33pm : Counter Strike Global Offensive

TLR.eSports are extremely happy we have returned to CSGO picking up a newly formed UK team known as ProjectX. This lineup will be competing online in the ESEA Open as well at events in the future such as Insomnia Gaming Festival and Epic Lan. The Lineup consists the the following members :-





 Luke "fearLess" Morris had the following to say about the reformation of the roster :-


"We are incredibly honored to have been given the opportunity to represent The Last Resort. For us this is a big moment and we feel that with the support that Chef and the rest of the team at TLR will provide we'll be able to take it and put the name back where it belongs amongst the best in the scene. We feel that with this lineup we have the potential to upset the bigger teams and have the variety of experience and knowledge required to succeed."

Michael "Chefinal" Robinson Owner of TLR had the following statement about the Return to CSGO:-



"Supporting the UK eSports has always been something I have been very passionate about and looking forward working with this lineup. The UK scene over the the last 6 to 8 month has looked very exciting the with ESL UK, UK Masters, UKGT, Insomnia Gaming Festival and Epic Lan all contributing to this. We look forward to competing with the top teams in the future and showing that the TLR name can be 1 of the strongest once again ”


You can follow the TLR.CSGO Lineup on the following twitter acoounts :-









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    TLR.eSports are greatly upbeat we have come back to CSGO Assignment Help Online  grabbing a recently framed UK group known as Project. This lineup will be contending on the web in the ESEA Open too at occasions later on, for example, Insomnia Gaming Festival and Epic Land. "We are inconceivably respected to have been given the chance to speak to The Last Resort. For us this is a defining moment and we feel that with the bolster that Chef and whatever is left of the group at TR will give we'll have the capacity to take it and set the name back where it has a place among st the best in the scene. We feel that with this lineup we can possibly furious the greater groups and have the assortment of experience and learning required to succeed."

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