Arozzi Verona PRO V2 Gaming Chair - REVIEW!

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 - 4:34am : General : Gaming


With the gaming market becoming more saturated by the day, the products follow suit, even more so with ‘gaming’ chair companies. From those offering a solution to back pain in extensive gaming sessions, to some even suggesting heightened ability in-game, what separates the Verona Pro V2 model by Arozzi, from the rest of the clones?

Coming from someone with chronic back-pain, a specialist chair has always been something of a dream to own, pro-longed gaming sessions do not aid this pain, but do products like Arozzi’s new model solve this issue?

The latest in their line of Verona Pro models, Arozzi have released a second version, offering extra and thicker pleather upholstery than the previous iteration. Offering an ergonomic design, adjustable armrests, rocking functionality, tilt-rocking, a durable metal frame and a class-4 gas lift, it is to wonder, what does the Verona Pro V2 NOT offer? Coming in a selection of colourways, we’ll delve in to how the chair fairs versus competitive gaming sessions.

Retailing at a premium price point of €300/£260/$340, will the Verona Pro V2 hold up to its premium value?


Initial Thoughts

Upon unboxing the chair, I was greeted with a partially separated layout that contained a selection of parts relating to each of their corresponding areas of the chair – this helped, personally, following along with the instruction manual provided in the packaging.

After tearing through all of the well-founded packaging, I was pleasantly surprised by no toxic-like scent and the overall quality versus previous gaming and normal chairs I had owned previously. The leather was smooth, yet welcoming, I couldn’t help but to unravel the parts and begin work on assembling the chair!

Quite conveniently, the main body of the chair already had the arms implemented and connected, which both saved a great deal of time, and eliminated the possibility of me wrecking the assembly. Big thanks!  



I have personally had the opportunity to experience gaming chairs from over three companies, each with different and similar materials. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 was by far the most physically and visually pleasing, with a thicker and sleeker upholstery, it felt as if I were sitting on a fresh leather couch!

With the pillows already attached, I sat, relived and excited. The constant pain in my lower back had been minutely silenced, after trying the reclining function, I was convinced this chair is far beyond that of a premium gaming chair.

The leather was like silk, while the pillows melted into the arch of my back like a waffle iron. Truly an incredible experience. The convenience of having a height-adjustable chair with a robust gas lift gives a confident feel in having such a premium seat. Definitely reflecting the price point set by Arozzi!



Once I had laid-out each section of the contained parts, I glanced at the easy-to-read manual and followed each section closely. Coming from a personal standpoint, I am not the handiest man around and was overall intimidated by the regular set of instructions. However, assembling the Verona Pro V2 was like pushing together Lego! With an Alan-key provided, it was as simple as lining-up the parts and tightening the provided bolts and screws – nothing more complicated than plugging in a socket!

However, it did take me some time to correctly align the main body of the chair to the seat, ensuring the body was in-line with the rear so the back would recline appropriately. I would definitely recommend assembling this chair with a partner!


Using it – general use / comfort

After using the Verona Pro V2 for little under a week, I have already begun noticing positive changes in my lower back, after suffering from chronic back pain for years, I can finally feel change. I believe this is due to the 90degree angle-like shape of the chair, holding the user in an up-right position, even sitting down is benefitting the shape of the human spine.

As discussed previously, the leather upholstery is unlike any other, somewhat like sitting on a leather couch with much more flexible cushion. Even with the rocking and tilting functions, the user will still feel stable enough to let the chair do its work. I often lean back, with my legs on the desk resting back, no reclining needed. With the extra room of the rocking function, you have plenty of room to adjust and move.

The longest I had sat in the Verona Pro V2 was 8+ hours whilst gaming and watching television shows. I had felt no fatigue whatsoever and had no problems following that day. As I am writing this review, I am sat for 4+ hours developing work. Arozzi definitely paid meticulous attention to detail when upgrading this chair from its previous iteration, a job well done!



To conclude my review, I would personally like to give the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 a 9/10.

The reasoning behind the near-perfect score is the level of comfortability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The only concerning view with this product is the price point. Not all gamers, both casual and competitive can afford such a high price for a chair alone.

Is it worth the investment however? Most definitely. To ensure that your back is in good condition throughout your gaming hours is a must.

It is unfortunate that not every gamer will be able to enjoy the same experience that I had with the Verona Pro V2, but those who do will understand that it is a worthwhile investment.




Calum Bajwa

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