TLR.eSports Return to CSGO !

Tue 20th Oct 2015 - 2:42pm : Counter Strike Global Offensive

TLR.eSports are extremely happy to return to Counter Strike Global Offensive with the pickup of a talented and skilled British Lineup. Previous Member's Medic, Charley and Spandex will be joined by MCK and w1cked.


The lineup is currently active is both ESEA and CEVO and we be competing at the winter Insomnia Gaming Festival taking place at Birmingham NEC.

Below you can view our full roster :-



Kieran "medic" Williams Captain of team had the following to say about the reformation of the roster :-


We are glad to announce that we will represent TLR eSports once again. Feels good to be playing with spandex & Charley but also refreshing to have some new blood with us in the likes of MCK and w1cked. We're currently competing in ESEA Intermediate and will be attending i56. I believe this line-up is a great fit for us and we will be looking to do some damage at the next i-series! Big thanks to Chef for supporting us.


 All of this couldn't be made possible without the support of our great sponsors & partners - KFA2, Torguard, NETGEAR, iiyama, Multiplay game servers, Battletiger & GUNNAR.


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Michael Robinson

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