TLR.CSGO @ i56 - Seeds and Groups

Fri 11th Dec 2015 - 9:44pm : Counter Strike Global Offensive

So day 1 is here for the Insomnia Gaming Festival Counter Strike Global Offensive Tournament ! 

The seeds and groups are always a hot topic and with a 54 team field it should be a great tournament.



  1. Team ROCCAT – suNny, stonde, CISU, juho, xarte
  2. Team Infused – redsNK, CRUC1AL, Whindanski, ZED, robiin
  3. TLR.eSports (onlineBOTS) – Nuga, Cheti, Fetjz, HS, Alex
  4. fm-eSports – Immi, Joee, Powell, MightyMax, Esio
  5. CAZ eSports – jakem, keita, r0m, dephh, Kryptix
  6. CeX – Surreal, Boaster, Cinder, kARMApangya, Resu
  7. Molotovs n Marshmallows – quiver, vertiGo, s0m, benkofk, mortism
  8. Monumentalis – maxxyb, Dudley, EB, xfp, Hennerz
  9. uFrag – adamxoxo, Yoshi, RIXJ, HyPeIzBack, Peggyyyyy
  10. AT-Gaming – slaYn, flashzor, luosrevo, xilo, amose
  11. Perilous Fury – bALth, maltBEE, Speedy, debaser, abiii
  12. MINISTRY – eddie, ashhh, Superboom Linden, Rhaz, RAWRCHICKEN
  13. 2seXeh – cpr, vpr, Bodkin, crmj, chz
  14. Rasta Gaming – Jacky, LogaN, Jak3y, Gito, Mardan
  15. Playhack – cookeh, m1tchwee, scruffy, NipXe, zirken
  16. Barrage – EMPEROR, dreams, jenko, fisher[A], logzii

As we can see TLR.eSports have been placed in 3rd seed.


Group C

Pos Team Name Points
1st onlineBOTS (3)  
2nd Perilous Fury (11)  
3rd OverPowered Gaming  
5th DICE PLS  
6th IGI.eSports  
7th Questionable  


  • TLR.eSports 16 vs 2 Questionable
  • TLR.eSports 16 vs 3 IGI.eSports



Big thanks and shoutout to our sponsors this weekend for their support KFA2, Torguard, NETGEAR UK, iiyama & RetroGT.

We also want to give a special thanks to the guys at Overclockers for providing systems for this weekend's event.

Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates and progress of the team all weekend.




Michael Robinson

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