TheLastResort @ Insomnia60! + New Sponsor "Seagate"!

Thu 13th Apr 2017 - 10:43pm : Competitions : Counter Strike Global Offensive

TLR.eSports return strong and fighting to represent their colours at Insomnia60 this weekend with an all-new power-packed UK roster, housing some very familiar and notable names. With Adam "Adamxoxo" Rotheram leading the charge, the remaining lineup follows him into the stray;


Jake "Boaster" Howlett

Jake "JakeM" McCausland

James "Kryptix" Affleck

Adam "Ecls" Eccles

Adam "Adamxoxo" Rotheram


Of course, this lineup and opportunity couldn't have been possible without the introduction and support of 'The Last Resort's' latest sponsorship "Seagate".


Offering only the latest and greatest technology, Seagate bring a new dimension into the gaming world with the fastest PC hard drives on the market! Introducing their new "FireCuda" range, coming in both small and larger form factors - offering up to 2TB capacities by melding the latest NAND flash technology with speeds up to 5 TIMES faster than your typical hard drive, including 5 years warranty on each product! Simply unbeatable both, in terms of competitve price point and quality.


Statement from Adam "Adamxoxo" Rotheram on the event and newfound sponsorship:

"Above and beyond thanks to TLR for this stellar opportunity to represent the brand at Insomnia60 this weekend! We genuinely appreciate the support from both our new partners 'Seagate' and our current partners who have faith in our ability as a team, we're all very eager to show what we are capable of!"


Statement from Michael "Chefinal" Robinson, Owner of TLR on the matter:

"The scene, as it is, is quite the carousel however, i feel blessed to have these talented players representing our colours this weekend in Birmingham. I'm very sure they will do the brand proud! As for our newfound partnership with 'Seagate', i couldn't be more ecstatic about our future with the company and the opportunity this collaboration has brought us. Here's to a bright future!"



This lineup will represent TheLastResort.CSGO at Insomnia60 this weekend, 14th - 17th April, in the NEC, Birmingham. Good luck to all those competiting!



Calum Bajwa

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