Welcome our new partners - SteelSeries!

Thu 21st Sep 2017 - 6:16pm : General

Introducing SteelSeries!

A company that needs no introduction, one of the biggest gaming-gear providers since the first day of competitive gaming - we would love to introduce our latest sponsorship, SteelSeries! Welcome to The Last Resort family!


Here at The Last Resort, we strive to promote and use only the BEST gaming equipment on the market, and SteelSeries is no exception to this list of few brands. Known around the globe as one of the many providers of gaming equipment, we are proud to say that we get to represent SteelSeries in the competitve gaming space. Offering guaranteed product satisfaction and reliability to all gamers, competitive or casual, console or PC, the possibilities are endless!

A quick note from Michael Robinson, CEO of TheLastResort.

"It is a privilege to work with the best of the best in the current market, and we've definitely struck gold partnering with SteelSeries! Endorsing companies, means putting faith into the product on a personal level, without a doubt SteelSeries offer quality to the highest degree, and we here at The Last Resort are extremely excited to begin work with them."


If you wish to visit the SteelSeries website and view their extensive list of products, then follow the link - and let them know, TheLastResort sent you!



Thanks again to SteelSeries for this amazing opportunity, here is to a long and positive partnership!



Calum Bajwa

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