Welcome our new partners - LiquidVPN!

Sat 4th Nov 2017 - 1:24am : General

Introducing LiquidVPN!


Its been a busy month at TheLastResort, we've been striving to get the gears back in motion ready for after the holiday season so we can get back on the horse! In the meantime, we've been on the search for worthy companies to join us on our adventure back to the top, LiquidVPN is no exception.

After a thorough talk with the heads of LiquidVPN, we realised the passion we both had for the Esports scene and shared the dream of bringing the UK back up through the ranks - this can only be done if we work together! This is where the relationship was founded between TLR and LiquidVPN.

A quick note from Michael Robinson, CEO of TheLastResort.

"We're extremely excited to be working with the great minds behind LiquidVPN, sharing the passion of Esports and the hardcore gaming space only gave us more reason to work with eachother. Here's to a prosperous future!"


A short message from the reps. at LiquidVPN.

"For us partnering with TLR was a no brainer. LiquidVPN is owned and operated by hardcore gamers and eSport fans. We feel the TLR crew will feel right at home once they become familiar with our servers; Ashe, Gnar, and Lissandra. Glad to be working with you!"


If you, also, would like to check out LiquidVPN and their services, feel free to use our promotional link below for 40% off ANY plan!

Once again, we're very happy to be working with LiquidVPN and please, welcome them warmly to the TLR Family!




Calum Bajwa

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