Welcome our new streamer, SKYTRiXSHA!

Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 2:33am : General : Gaming

We are very thrilled to announce that we have taken Mikael "SKYTRiXSHA" Silvennoinen as a streamer under The Last Resort team!

Mikael's claim to fame is his recent burst of talent playing under renowned organisation ENCE Esports as a part of their Overwatch squad, demonstrating such a skill level at the highest level of professional play. SKYTRiXSHA is an amazing performer that entertains his audience consistently with both his skill and humour!

Over the past few months, after taking a step back from the pro scene and ENCE, Mikael has taken to growing his Twitch channel and audience, amazing a respectable following and we genuinely believe he has a bright future here at TLR as a streamer. We'd like to give SKYTRiXSHA a platform to further expand his audience and reach, we hope our loyal fans will watch him with us!

A comment from our newest addition to the TLR family, Mikael Silvennoinen.

"Im extremely happy to be working with TheLastResort again and i can't wait to see what the future holds for both my audience and my stream! Thank you to Michael Robinson for this opportunity."


You can follow SKYTRiXSHA on Twitter @skytrixOW to find out more about him and his adventures.

Also, you can pop over to his Twitch channel to watch him dominate the lobbies!


Once again, please give Mikael a warm welcome to the TLR family!






Calum Bajwa

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