TheLastResort CS:GO Makes a Return!

Thu 16th Nov 2017 - 3:12am : General : Gaming : Counter Strike Global Offensive

Young blood! As of today, we at TLR have acquired a new Counter Strike: Global Offensive lineup. Maintaining TheLastResort's belief of a UK heart and our passion for the scene, we've returned with a full UK lineup! With the progression of the UK scene, we at TLR have been looking to develop and build the younger talent, this is exactly what we're trying to achieve with our squad. With an experienced coach to guide them, we're looking at the future of our scene! The lineup holds as follows;

Kyle "Swaggy" Wilson

Dean "TotunG" Grealish

Joshua "Ziggy" Gregory

Richard "Zulu" Wood

Preston "Prezzy" Leigh

Velizar "Pikasso" Donkov (Coach)

A statement issued upon joining TheLastResort by Swaggy & new coach Pikasso.

"I'm happy to be joining TLR for the foreseeable future, and I am looking forward to how we grow as a team under the organisation."

"Im really happy to have the opportunity to work with a such well known organization like TheLastResort. With our new squad, im going to try to bring the boys to the next level and will help guide them with my tested knowledge. The plans for the future are to practice under a tight regiment and to take part in EPS and epic.LAN in the near future. Online tournaments will also be a big part of our journey. Thanks again to TheLastResort and Michael for this opportunity and to all sponsors. We won't let you down!"

A statement issued by Michael Robinson of The Last Resort.

"Turning our sights to somewhere beyond the UK was never our intention, although tempting, our heart lies in the UK, the only way to evolve, is to help the process. Thats exactly what we see in this up-and-coming lineup. With an experienced and talented coach to guide them, i believe that we truly have a winning team under our belt. Welcome to TheLastResort lads!"


As stated above, TheLastResort CS:GO will continue to progress through the ESEA Main Division and UK Open, they will also be attending events in the UK for the foreseeable future. Welcome again to our new CS:GO team!



Calum Bajwa

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